History of the APPI

The Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians of Ireland (APPI) was formally inaugurated on 8th November 1989.

It was founded by Dr Michael Dillon, a pharmaceutical physician working as a medical director for Leo Laboratories Ltd at the time.  Dr Dillon was elected as the first Chairman of the Association. Other members of the first committee were; Vice Chairman, Dr James O’Malley, Treasurer, Dr Jean Bolger, Secretary, Dr Brendan Colgan and member representative Dr Brona O’Neill.

Initially the association consisted of both physicians and associate members, who were not physicians, but whose primary interest was in the area of clinical research.  Under the old APPI constitution, non-physician associate members had no voting rights within APPI.

In 2000, the group split and it was decided that a separate organisation would be set up to accommodate the associate, non-physician members in its core aim of advancing clinical research interests in Ireland. This was known as The Irish Society of Clinical Research Professionals (ISCRP).  This allowed the APPI to focus on its core objective in developing a training curriculum for medical practitioners wishing to specialise in Pharmaceutical Medicine.Currently only registered medical practitioners are eligible to become members of the APPI. Physicians in the Association may work within the pharmaceutical industry, a clinical research organisation, the regulatory authority, orin academic or clinical research posts.

The APPI is a not-for-profit association and exists solely for the benefit of its members. It’s only source of income is from subscriptions of its members.